Robert Cameriere is a Sydney based Professional Photographer

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I like to pride myself on the quality of my work that I provide for clients. I’ve been told I’m personable and great to deal with. I have a can-do attitude to life and love to plan each aspect of a shoot leaving little to chance and creating my own luck.
If you have a project in the works, I’d like to hear from you and see how we can create great things together. You can always reach out and say hello! 

When I’m not shooting for clients I love getting airborne and shooting out of a small plane in remote parts of the Australian outback and creating abstract aerial landscapes, that concentrate on the subtle textures around the edges salt lakes. That’s me in the picture with my face peeling back!

Sydney Australia
+61 414 808 136


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Say Hello: +61 414 808 136

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Surry Hills NSW 2010

Robert Cameriere is a Sydney based professional photographer